Single Sliding & Bi-Parting Vinyl

Sliding Vinyl DoorSliding vinyl doors are an economical solution for keeping out pests, controlling dust and temperature. They’re perfect for any open door and a great alternative to a roll up vinyl door when space or budget requirements are an issue.

Bi-Parting Operation
Manually operated, the Bi-Parting vinyl door is fixed to both jambs and locks in the center. Leading edges of pipe staffs overlap to give complete seal. Nylon cord tieback straps on the fixed sides keep the screen secure in the open position.

Single Slide Operation
Manually operated, the Single Slide vinyl door is fixed to one jamb and locks to the other. Fixed side is determined from the access point and which side the door is sliding to open.

Sliding Vinyl Door Features

  • Standard 22 ounce vinyl, optional 40 ounce upgrade available
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel mounting hardware with heavy duty ball bearing trolleys to provide easy glide opening
  • Full height, galvanized pipe staffs are placed evenly throughout the door for wind stabilization
  • Available in 2 mounting styles Header Mount and Wall Mount

Sliding Vinyl Door Applications

Sliding vinyl doors are perfect inside and out in the following types of plants, and many more.

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Pavilions
  • Barns

Sliding vinyl doors are available for all your needs. Select screen and wind bar pockets to match your building and company logo.

STANDARD 22 OZ (A lasting, lightweight, mildew resistant PVC coated polyester):

  • Tear Strength: 140 x 150 lbs./1”
  • Standard Colors: Forest Green, Blue, Black, Yellow (There is an up charge for non standard colors).
  • Cold Crack: -30° F
  • Adhesion: 22 lbs./2”

PREMIUM 40 OZ (A durable, high quality, mildew resistant PVC coated polyester designed to hold up to long term stress):

  • Tear Strength: 308 x 283 lbs./1”
  • Colors: Forest Green (Standard), Blue, Black, Gray, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
  • Cold Crack: -40° F
  • Adhesion: 31 lbs./2”