History of Gateway Industrial Products

Gateway Industrial Products, Inc.Gateway Industrial Products, Inc. was officially founded in Elyria, Ohio in early 1995. We started from humble beginnings, a father and son, two telephones, one computer and a tiny two room office. The mission was to share our innovative new product, the Bug Barrier®, with the door world. This product would help warehouses and manufacturing facilities everywhere keep insects and other pests from disrupting workflow and contaminating products.

Since 1995 we have grown exponentially, are now housed by two buildings, and staffed by 20 plus employees. The grandchildren, children, and nephews of that father and son are now proud employees. By maintaining close relationships with our distributors we have been able to make many improvements to our doors and expand our product line to include dock seals, shelters, and extra wide doors for larger openings.

Our extensive professional distributor network is strategically located to offer our customers fast and professional service. We are proud to be recognized as the industry leaders today. We are looking forward to impress you with our outstanding products and unmatched customer service.