Bug Barrier®

Industrial Bug Door

The Bug Barrier is an industrial mesh bug door used to improve air flow while keeping out insects. It’s perfect for food processing and manufacturing plants, helping facilities comply with USDA Federal regulations 9CFR416.2, 21CFR110.20, 21CFR110.35. It also helps facilities meet AIB Consolidated Standards for Packaging Facilities Product Safety section 8B and C. Bug barriers can be readily installed on dock doors, dumpster areas, and warehouse openings to eliminate unwanted pests such as insects, birds, and other airborne contaminants.

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Bug Barrier Features

The Bug Barrier® is custom manufactured to size bug door, featuring: tight weave mesh, automatic reset system, and bottom foam cushion for positive floor contact which also allows for a clear opening. No straps needed to hold open door in place.

  • Built-in Automatic reset system
  • Breakaway feature utilizing flexible fiberglass wind bars
  • Standard Bug Screen is 17×11 Weave Mesh allowing up to 35% airflow
  • Available in 4 mounting styles:  Header Mount, Wall Mount, E-Track, and Stand Off Mount
  • Snaptite aluminum tracks available in 2”, 4”, and 6” depths allow for easy replacement
  • Available in 4 models: Spring Loaded Manual, Chain Hoist, Automatic, and High Cycle
  • 1 Year limited warranty on parts and workmanship

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Bug Barrier Applications

The Bug Barrier is perfect for dock doors inside and out in the following types of plants, and many more.

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Beverage and Bottling Facilities
  • General Manufacturing
  • Paper Processing

Screen options are available for all your needs. Select screen and wind bar pockets to match your company building or logo.


Download Screen Specifications

Bug Screen (Standard):

  • Material: .025” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 17 x 11 ends/in2
  • Standard Colors: Forest Green, Blue, Black, Yellow (There is an up charge for non standard colors).
  • Airflow: 35% Flow, 65% Restriction

Bird Screen:

  • Material: .025” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 12 x 7 ends/in2
  • Colors: Black only
  • Airflow: 75% Flow, 25% Restriction

Gnat Screen:

  • Material: .014” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 17 x 20 ends/in2
  • Colors: Black only
  • Airflow: 55% Flow, 45% Restriction