Manual Roll Up Bug Barrier®

Roll Up Bug Barrier Screen Door

Manual Roll Up Bug Barriers® are operated by a heavy duty spring loaded roll tube. Pull down handles are provided for easy opening and closing. Manual doors are supplied with a locking pin and grommet or locking plate for holding door in place. A spring assisted Chain Hoist option is available for larger doors. Friction brake is supplied at 13’ and higher on chain hoist models. Find out which roll-up Bug Barrier is right for you by calling our team at (800) 701-4782.

Manual Bug Barrier Features

The Bug Barrier® is a custom manufactured to size screen door, featuring: tight weave mesh, automatic reset system, and bottom foam cushion for positive floor contact which also allows for a clear opening. No straps needed to hold open door in place.

  • Spring Loaded Maximum Size: Consult Sales
  • Chain Hoist Maximum Size: 16’W x 16’H
  • Built-in automatic reset system
  • Breakaway feature utilizing flexible fiberglass wind bars
  • Available in 4 mounting styles: Header Mount, Wall Mount, E-Track, and Stand Off Mount
  • Snaptite aluminum tracks available in 2”, 4”, and 6” depths allow for easy replacement
  • Chain hoist model features sealed bearing in mounting plate to assist rotation
  • One year limited warranty on parts and workmanship

Manual Bug Barrier Applications

A manual roll-up bug barrier screen door is perfect for dock doors inside and out in the following types of plants, and many more.

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Packaging Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Beverage and Bottling Facilities
  • General Manufacturing
  • Paper Processing


Screen options are available for all your needs. Select screen and wind bar pockets to match your building and company logo.

Bug Screen (Standard):

  • Material: .025” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 17 x 11 ends/in2
  • Standard Colors: Forest Green, Blue, Black, Yellow (There is an up charge for non standard colors).
  • Airflow: 35% Flow, 65% Restriction

Bird Screen:

  • Material: .025” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 12 x 7 ends/in2
  • Colors: Black only
  • Airflow: 75% Flow, 25% Restriction

Gnat Screen:

  • Material: .014” diameter vinyl-coated polyester
  • Weave: Plain Weave, 17 x 20 ends/in2
  • Colors: Black only
  • Airflow: 55% Flow, 45% Restriction