Salt Storage Doors – Protect Your Investment

December 1, 2015

Gateway Industrial Products Salt Storage Doors are a great way for cities to protect their investment. After last year’s harsh winter many states, cities, and municipalities are seeing up to a 50% increase in the cost of road salt this year. Supplies are down and costs are skyrocketing. Our doors help prevent loss of salt that if normally exposed can be dissolved by elements of the weather. Caked, wet, or lumpy salt means lost dollars not only in material, but also in labor. Some maintenance supervisors are reporting at least a 10-20 ton loss due to exposure to the elements. With prices rising close to $138 a ton in some areas, a new door could pay for itself in 1 to 2 seasons. Also, many cities are constructing salt facilities to make themselves less dependent on salt deliveries from other sources. There is high potential this year for salt storage door sales.