High Cycle Vinyl Roll Up

High Cycle Dock DoorThe High Cycle Vinyl Roll Up is operated by one of 3 exclusive jackshaft operators; all are a great alternative to a costly high speed vinyl door. The vinyl door is supplied with open/close/stop push button station, automatic timer to close, and a set of monitored watertight photo eyes.


  • HC20 Standard High Cycle: 1/2HP opens up to 20”/sec., 100+ cycles per day
    • NOTE: Some larger doors or doors with 40 Oz upgrade may require a standard 1.0HP and will open up to 18″ / sec.
  • HC30 Rapido™ Upgrade: 1 HP opens up to 30″/sec., 100+ cycles per day (500 Maximum) / Must be Chain & Sprocketed (120V only)
  • HCXL Large Door: 1.5HP opens up to 12″/sec., 100+ cycles per day / Gearhead Operator

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High Cycle Vinyl Door Features

The High Cycle Vinyl Roll Up is a custom manufactured to size door, featuring: durable 22 or 40 ounce vinyl, automatic reset system, and aluminum bottom profile with vinyl loop to maintain positive contact with floor.

  • Maximum Size: 25’W x 20’H
  • Standard full length vision panel
  • Standard 22 ounce vinyl, optional 40 ounce upgrade available
  • Most motors also available in 240V, 480V, 3 phase and watertight models
  • Flexible fiberglass wind bars or aluminum hinge option available for high wind areas
  • Built-in automatic reset system (some restrictions apply – consult sales)
  • Snaptite aluminum tracks available in 2”, 4”, and 6” depths allow for easy replacement
  • Optional remote control, reversing safety edge, motion sensors, pullcords, nema 4 control station, and covers are available
  • One year limited warranty on parts and workmanship

High Cycle Vinyl Door Applications

Perfect for dock doors or room dividers inside and out in the following types of plants, and many more.

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Beverage and Bottling Facilities
  • General Manufacturing
  • Greenhouses

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Vinyl doors are available for all your needs. Select screen and wind bar pockets to match your building and company logo.

STANDARD 22 OZ (A lasting, lightweight, mildew resistant PVC coated polyester):

  • Tear Strength: 140 x 150 lbs./1”
  • Standard Colors: Forest Green, Blue, Black, Yellow (There is an up charge for non standard colors).
  • Cold Crack: -30° F
  • Adhesion: 22 lbs./2”

PREMIUM 40 OZ (A durable, high quality, mildew resistant PVC coated polyester designed to hold up to long term stress):

  • Tear Strength: 308 x 283 lbs./1”
  • Standard Colors: Forest Green, Blue, Black, Yellow (There is an up charge for non standard colors).
  • Cold Crack: -40° F
  • Adhesion: 31 lbs./2”